Thursday, July 28, 2011

The joy of being free

March 4 2011 - 9pm - Bangalore City Railway station

Ever since I started working, I think about work almost all the time; be it a holday or any other regular day, most of my thoughts are directed towards something or the other related to work. March 4th was one of the few days on which I was unusually happy. I felt a strange feeling of joy and satisfaction; as if  I was set free of all thoughts. Was it because the day before was our birthday? (Vinay and me were born on the same day) Was it because I got my new phone on that day? Was it because I was going home that night after a long gap? I think of it all the time, but cannot figure out the exact reason. I was so much relaxed, I could feel the gentle breeze touching me in the moon lit night.

Vinay and me were seated on Platform number 9, and the white dial of the clock on the platform showed 9.05. The train never comes before 10.30pm and in case it comes before 10, it never leaves before 11 :) - As ususal, we were early and had more than an hour to kill.

We sat facing towards platorm 8 and I started thinking... It seemed like everything was moving slowly (life in slow motion) It was a noisy, but it seemed to be very quiet. Some unexplainable joy filled in all my senses - so much so, I could barely notice the loud buzz of chattering all around, babies crying, people walking on the platform and children running and jumping around. Vinay and me were talking in between and the silence in between the talks was taking me to an all together different world.

Some things that came to my mind :
Each day is a good day - It is all in our mind
There will always be resons to be cheerful and happy - it is just a matter of identifying them
Small things - such as a simple phone call to a dear one, or a chat with a friend does wonders to boost one's morale.
Everybody has problems - Managing them is an art and I need to strive to to get better at it.

For the next twenty minutes that we waited for the train to arrive, I kept on thinking about the good time that I would have with Aayi, Pappa and Vinay during the weekend. "We would go on a road trip to Aversa. We will enjoy the time together. We will meet Amma, Meenachhi, Nandumama, Nayanachhi, Dinesh mama, Anu and Abhay"

 The train arrived soon after. We got into the train and the joy and anticipation was increasing by the passing time... Just as I sat down, I took this snap. Something went through my mind - We are moving on so fast that we are missing many valuable things. Is it really worth losing them?

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